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How to choose a good machine safety guard, industrial safety, statistics, risk factors and workplace safety are some of the countless topics for which you can find relevant information in our blog or by subscribing to our safety tips.
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Why Safety Signs are Important to Machine Safeguarding

Protecting their workers should be a leading priority for every industrial company. Unfortunately, most employers tend to believe that investing in workplace safety will negatively impact productivity, which couldn’t be …

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Increase your ROI with Good Machine Safeguarding

Lose Less Money and Increase Production by Safeguarding your Workers When it comes to investing in workplace safety, the perceived negative impact on productivity is a key concern. The truth …

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Lathes Safeguarding : Hazard Prevention Made Easy

The metal lathe is a machine tool which turns a piece of metal on itself while a tool cuts into the material at a preset position. They are equipped with …

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With Prismont, you will get products designed and manufactured to comply with all the requirements of the most important conformity and standards regulations.
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After-Sales Service

Our mobile team of technicians will then be at your service, whether for routine maintenance, installation or start-up of your machines, problem analysis, diagnosis, corrective action or machines’ relocation.
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Worldwide Delivery

We offer international shipping! Products are shipped from Canada.
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Our safety products are designed and manufactured to comply with all the requirements of the most important conformity and standards regulations.
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For those customers not wishing to assemble and install the guarding systems themselves, we provide this service through our own highly qualified technician or via our network of approved assembly teams. We will complete the mechanical and electrical installation on site as well as provide future service calls.
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We stand out from the competition by meeting your specific needs with safety equipment and tools notorious for their reliability and excellent value for money.

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