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Our Videos

Prismont does not just offer you innovative and customized solutions for securing your factory and hazardous areas. We offer you visual support for a hassle-free installation of our various equipment.

Machines Safeguarding

MST-SBH(A) | Hybrid Sanding Belt Holder for Lathes

Easy to use! This dual-mode tool will allow a safe sanding on lathes. It protects the operator by eliminating the risks associated with the use of his hands. Comprises a manual mode as well as an automatic mode.

MST-SBH | Lathes Sanding Belt Holder

Safe sanding on lathes. It protects the operator by eliminating the risks associated with the use of his hands. It provides maintenance of abrasive belts for sanding, polishing and deburring operations on turning lathes.

MST IPA | Inside Polishing Attachment

Make your polishing operations safer with our MST-IPA inside polishing attachment. Allows polishing and rectification operations of inner tubes on conventional lathes without the direct use of hands.

Perimeter Guarding

Modular Protection Fences & Safety Panels

Our complete range of perimeter protection are perfect for the protection of robotic workspaces, areas where the movement of machines is potentially dangerous or storage spaces with restricted access. Flexible and 100% compliant with ISO and CE standards.

Assembly Tutorial | Meta Fixing Brackets

Discover how to assemble our Meta fixing brackets. This economical fixing system is CE, UNI EN ISO 14120, EN 12100 and Machinery Directive 42/2006 certified.

Crash Tests & ISO 14120 Pendulum Test

Our mesh panels are subjected to a large array of tests. Among them, we find the pendulum test used to test the resistance of protection systems to impacts.

Assembly Tutorial | Bracket Kit for Overlay Panels

Quickly connect the modular panels of your protection fencing to each other using these fixing screws kit for panel to panel assembly tutorial.

Assembly Tutorial | Gap Bracket Kit

Learn how to install our bracket kit for mesh panels at different floor levels.

Assembly Tutorial | Captive screw ISO14120

Quickly assemble and install the ISO 14120 captive screws of our mesh panels.

Assembly Tutorial | Single Leaf Door

Assembling a single leaf door has never been so easy! This mesh door is part of a wide range of “Door in a box” door kits. They are sold separately from panels to meet all requirements and can be mounted on any Access chassis.

Assembly Tutorial | Single Sliding Door

Assemble and quickly install the single sliding door of your PENTA Modular Panels. Easy to install, this door is part of our “Door in a box” kit, which doors are sold separately from the panels to meet all the requirements of your factory and offer greater flexibility.

Assembly Tutorial | Telescopic Single Door

Do not waste time thanks to our telescopic single door assembly tutorial. Easy to install, this door is sold separately from our modular panels, offering greater flexibility for the protection of hazardous areas of your factory.

Your experts

Secure your machines and protect your employees thanks to our personalized design, build & installation service.

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