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Assembly & Installation Service

We Offer Turnkey Safety Solutions

For those customers not wishing to assemble and install the guarding systems themselves, we provide this service through our own highly qualified technician or via our network of approved assembly teams. We will complete the mechanical and electrical installation on site as well as provide future service calls.

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An Experienced Staff

We have the necessary skills to build efficient and highly secure solutions following all the requirements of the most important conformity and standards regulations.

Instrument Calibration Service

Turnkey installation & Start-up Service

Equipment Integration Service

Performance Validation

Good Quality Service

Get peace of mind and let our experienced staff install your machine safeguarding equipment following the strictest safety norms and regulations.

Installation, Integration and Start-up Services’ Advantages

Great Savings on your Purchases

By installing a guard or a machine which complies to the standards, you avoid costly accidents and get more efficient equipment, which will increase your productivity while reducing costs.

A Reduction in Downtime and Non-Compliant Products

Poorly installed, incompatible or non-compliant equipment may break more quickly. Unfortunately, since defective parts to be changed are not always available immediately, such a situation can lead to downtime in production. Thankfully, hiring professional technicians to install your industrial equipment helps avoid these potential problems.

Better Finishing and Cutting Accuracy and an Increase in Production

Well-calibrated and well-installed equipment tend to be much more accurate, allowing for considerably faster production and a better-quality product.

A Reduction in Energy Consumption, Lubricant

Improperly calibrated equipment will consume more and more energy and lubricant. As energy and lubricant are consumables for which you will pay on a regular basis, it is important to optimize their consumption in order to save in the long run.

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Secure your machines and protect your employees thanks to our personalized design, build & installation service.

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