International Safety Standards

Industrial Safety

Canadian Standards

CSA Standards
  • CSA-Z432-04: Safeguarding of Machinery‎
  • CSA-Z434-14: Industrial Robots and Robot Systems
  • CSA-Z142-10: Power Press Operation
  • CSA-Z460-13: Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout and Other Methods
  • CSA-Z462-15: Workplace Electrical Safety

American Standards

OSHA Standards
  • 1910 subpart 0 : Machinery and Machine Guarding
  • 1910.211 : Definitions
  • 1910.212 : General Requirements for all Machines
  • 1910.217 : Mechanical Power Presses
ANSI Standards
  • B11.1 : Machine Tools, Mechanical Power Presses
  • B11.19: Performance Criteria for Safeguarding
RIA Standards
  • RIA 15.06: Industrial Robots and Robots Systems

International Harmonized Standards

ISO-EN Standards
  • ISO 12100 : 2010 General Principles for Design
  • EN954-1 : 1996 Safety-Related Parts Of Control Systems - Part 1 : General Principles For Design
  • ISO 13849-1 : 2008 Safety-Related Parts of Control Systems
  • ISO 13849-2 : 2012 Safety-Related Parts of Control Systems - Part 2: Validation
  • ISO 11161 : 2007 Integrated Manufacturing Systems – Basic Requirements
  • ISO 13850 : 2015 Emergency Stop Function - Principles for Design
  • ISO 13857 : 2008 Safety Distances to Prevent Hazard Zones Being Reached by Upper and Lower Limbs
  • ISO 10218-1 : 2011 Robots and Robotic Devices - Safety Requirements for Industrial Robots - Part 1: Robots
  • ISO 10218-2 : 2011 Robots and Robotic Devices - Safety Requirements for Industrial Robots - Part 2: Robot Systems and Integration
IEC Norms
  • IEC 61496-1 Electro-Sensitive Protective Equipment - Part 1: General Requirements and Tests
  • IEC 6149-2 Electro-sensitive protective equipment
  • EC 60947-5-1 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 5-1: Control circuit devices and switching elements - Electromechanical control circuit devices
Technical References 
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CSA Group Certifications enable companies to enter new markets, launch innovative products and build customer confidence through the approved CSA brand.
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ANSI is an institute regulating safety standards for ladder safety, fall protection, construction safety, clothing and equipment, workplace surfaces and occupational health and safety.
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RIA plays a leading role in the robotics industry by proactively evaluating the work environment to provide safety resources as robotic applications continue to grow.
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IEC helps protect human lives by producing international safety standards that consider the integrity of facilities and systems and by conducting conformity assessments.
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ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, establishes and publishes International Standards that define requirements, specifications, guidelines, or features that are routinely used to ensure the suitability of materials, products, processes, and services.
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OSHA’s mission is to ensure safe workplaces by establishing and enforcing standards and providing training, awareness and education. Employers must comply with all applicable OSHA standards.
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NORMES CANADIENNES, NORD-AMÉRICAINES ET INTERNATIONALES SUR LA SÉCURITÉ DES MACHINES – Selection of the main standards currently available on machine safety. It ensures respect for Quebec workers and employers.
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Marquage CE

CE marking (European Conformity) has been created under EU’s harmonisation legislation. By affixing the CE marking to a product, a manufacturer declares that the product meets all the legal requirements for CE marking and can be sold throughout the European market.

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