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Manufacturing factories, machine shop, tooling machines, automation, robotics, logistics and automatized material handling are the main fields of application for our machine guarding and modular guard systems. We provide a full design, build & installation service.

Prismont & Montfort International Ltd

I sometimes see mentions of Montfort International Ltd on your website. What is Montfort-International and how is it related to Prismont?

Prismont is the Safety division of Montfort international Ltd and was launched in 2009. Montfort International is an industrial tools and equipment wholesale distributor and manufacturer with field service.

The company has 6 divisions: Sawing & Cutting, Industrial Lubricants & Liquid Filtration, Industrial Finishing & Deburring, Industrial Equipment, Machine Safeguarding & Machinery Modular Guard Systems (PRISMONT) and Technical Services, spares and repairs.

Does your company offer other industrial products and/or services besides industrial safeguarding?

Prismont is specialized in industrial security, but its parent company, Montfort International Ltd, offers a wide range of industrial equipment and accessories.

This range includes, among others, industrial lubricants, sawing and cutting machines, blades and band saws, tribofinishing and deburring machines, conveyors, welding machines, and more!

Technical Services, Customer Service and Custom Safety Plans

How can I get a personalized product or safety solution?

To obtain a tailor-made safety solution, simply write to us at or fill out our contact form to send us a request. We will contact you shortly to help you start your project.

How do I get maintenance or technical help?

For technical support, simply write to us at or fill out our contact form to send us a request. We will contact you shortly to help you start your project.

Import Taxes

Taxes and Customs Duties

The shipping costs of your order are based on the size, volume, weight of your products and the place of delivery. The shipping is sent under the Incoterms 2020 CPT- Carriage paid. The buyer is responsible for the brokerage fees for imports, security clearance, any entry fees, import taxes or import duties and fees entail in the country where the final delivery of the goods is made. 


How long will my order take to get to me?

Delivery times vary depending on the delivery location, the date of the order and the products ordered. Products which can be bought directly online have aproximate delivery delays information on their product page. These approximate delays may vary depending depending on submodel or the size of the product.

During holidays and company’s closed times, no order will be processed, which may lead to longer delivery times, in which case you will be notified.

Do international orders have to pay customs, duties, and taxes?

Broker, duty, and customs fees are the responsibility of the receiver and are not included in the shipping cost. If you need any detailed information about these charges, please contact your local customs office.

How much does shipping cost?

The rate charged for the shipping of your order is based on your location and the size and weight of your products. Before the final checkout page you will be shown the cost of shipping.

What shipping options do you offer?

International orders are shipped using UPS and local (Québec, Canada) orders by Dicom.

Where do you ship to?

We ship all over the world. Only some countries are not covered by our delivery service. Contact us to find out which countries are not covered.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept payments in Canadian dollars (CAD), American dollars (USD) and Euro (EUR).

I haven't received my item. What do I do?

If you have not received your order, simply write to us at or fill out our contact form, and we will verify for you the status of your order.

Can you deliver to PO Boxes?

No, we do not deliver to postal boxes, because our deliveries require a signature.

Prismont Products & Machine Safeguarding

I just bought a new machine. Doesn't it come properly guarded?

Not necessarily. Manufacturers are under no obligation to meet safety standards on the products they sell. Also, compliance regulations change from one country to the next, so even if you buy a compliant machine from another country, it might follow the manufacturer’s country’s regulation without following those of your own country.

Therefore, it is very important to get a safety assessment whenever you get a new machine, as only a professional safety assessment can determine the right safeguard for your specific machine and application.

Can I implement my own safety solutions?

It is best to leave safety assessment, installation and implementation of safety equipment to trained safety professionnals. Trained safety professionals understand safety regulations and know how to install equipment properly the first time, thus saving you time and money in the long run.

What is the warranty offered with your products?

All products manufactured by Prismont are offered with a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 120 days from the date of shipment.

In the case of any product manufactured by a manufacturer other than Prismont, Prismont will provide the customer with the manufacturer’s warranty.

To learn more about the warranty and its limitations, visit the Limited Warranty page.


How do I place an order?

​To place an order, simply fill in your shopping cart with products and view your cart. Click the Checkout button, fill out the displayed form and pay.

Can I change or cancel my order before it is shipped?

Once your order has been placed, it cannot be modified or canceled.

Where do I find my receipt?

Your order receipt has been sent to your email address when ordering. If you have not received it, check your junk mail or send us your contact details and your order information, and we will send it to you again.

You can view your order’s information directly in your Prismont account on our website, in the Orders section.

What is the status of my order?

To see the status of your order, simply sign in to your account on our Prismont website and click on Orders. You will find the list of your past orders, and see the details pertaining to each.

Some items have an "add to quote" button. Can we buy those online?

No. Products with an “add to quote” button are not yet available for online purchase, or require customizations. Clicking on the “add to quote” button will bring up a contact form which, once completed and sent, will send us an email with your request. We can then contact you to complete the order.

I never received a confirmation email. What should I do?

Contact us by phone at 1-800-463-6668 or by email at with your contact information and a list of your ordered products. We will verify in our database whether the order has been received or not and we will send you an order confirmation.

What are your terms & conditions?

You can find and read our Terms & Conditions here.

Pricing, Payment and Currency

Are taxes and customs duties included in the prices displayed on your website?

Broker, duty, and customs fees are the responsibility of the receiver and are not included in the shipping cost. If you need any detailed information about these charges, please contact your local customs office.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

How do I change currency?

At the very top of the website, above the menu and your shopping cart, you will find the buttons which the currency as well as the one which lets you choose a language. Simply select the desired currency between CAD, USD and EUR.

I cannot pay my order. What can I do?

If you have problems finalizing your order, please contact our customer service by phone at 1-800-463-6668 or by email at

Returns & Exchanges

I received a faulty item. What do I do?

If there is a problem with your order, please contact our customer service by phone at 1-800-463-6668 or by email at You can also start the warranty claim procedure.

You have sent me the wrong item. What do I do?

If there is a problem with your order, please contact our customer service by phone at 1-800-463-6668 or by email at You can also request a return.

How much does returning an item cost?

The minimum restocking charge will be 20% (minimum 25$CAD, 25 euro, 25$USD depending of the transaction currency used) for any material not found to be defective. The restocking fee does not apply to exchanges or warranty claims.

For more details about exchanges and returns at Prismont, you can read our Return & Exchange policy here.

What is your return & exchange policy?

Installation & User Manuals

How can I access my product's installation manuals?

Following your online purchases, we will send to your email address the manuals for the purchased products. These manuals will also be available in your account on our website. Just sign in to your account, and go to the Downloads section.

Account and Newsletter

Do I need to set up an account to make an order?

Yes, you must create an account in order to place an order on the Prismont website. This account will allow you to view your orders, make warranty claims, return requests, or download online your Prismont product installation manuals.

Where can I change my account information?

Simply login to your Prismont account and view your account. To edit your account information, go to Account Details. To edit delivery and billing addresses, go to Addresses.

How can I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

All emails sent via our newsletter include an “Unsubscribe” button at its very bottom. You need only click on this link and confirm your unsubscription.

How do I reset my account password?

Login to your account and go to Account details. Fill in the “New password” and “Confirm new password” fields and save.

How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

Simply click here and enter your email address in the field provided for this purpose in our website footer.


Secure your machines and protect your employees thanks to our personalized design, build & installation service.

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After-Sales Service

Our mobile team of technicians will then be at your service, whether for routine maintenance, installation or start-up of your machines, problem analysis, diagnosis, corrective action or machines’ relocation.
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Worldwide Delivery

We offer international shipping! Products are shipped from Canada.
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Our safety products are designed and manufactured to comply with all the requirements of the most important conformity and standards regulations.
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For those customers not wishing to assemble and install the guarding systems themselves, we provide this service through our own highly qualified technician or via our network of approved assembly teams. We will complete the mechanical and electrical installation on site as well as provide future service calls.
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We stand out from the competition by meeting your specific needs with safety equipment and tools notorious for their reliability and excellent value for money.

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