Safety light curtains

Safety light curtains reliably and cost-effectively protect against access into hazardous points and areas and are entirely focused on safety and efficiency in the workplace. Depending on the variant, different machine functions are integrated or can be selected via safety control solutions. We have a great range from small and compact types to extremely robust and resistant variants which can withstand special ambient conditions up to the highest safety level.

Safety laser scanners combined with safety controllers provide various and simple solutions.

Our experts will guide you in choosing the right equipment for your factory and meeting your expectations:

  • Thin and robust
  • Waterproof
  • Shock resistant
  • Different detection capabilities (fingers, hands, etc.)
  • Simple to install: Reduced installation time thanks to simple wiring and easy-to-use mounting brackets
  • Meets the most demanding safety standards: Type 4, CE, SIL3, IP65, IP67
  • Great visibility

Safety light curtains - Keyence

Safety light curtains - Keyence