Perimeter Protection Fencing

Our complete range of perimeter protection allows to meet the highest requirements and standards.


If you want to protect a robotic workspace, an area where the movement of machines is potentially dangerous, a storage space with restricted access or a gateway high, we have the equipment that you need. Easy installation and in different presentations and colors depending on usage and location, you will have a personalized protection system to your workspace that will suit the particularities of your industry.


Our fully reconfigurable equipment that can be refurbished at your factory can be equipped with safety switches that turn off the power to the machines when a door is opened or a worker enters the protection area for Increase safety.


Your Prismont specialist will advise you on the best equipment you will need to restrict access or reduce the risk of falling while maintaining optimum productivity.

Turnkey installation! Your fences and gates will then be installed in accordance with the standards and safety standards required.

Penta System

Polyplus System

Inox System

Meta Fixing Brackets

Perimeter Protection Fencing Doors

Control Systems Compliance / Lock


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Perimeter Protection Fencing
Access Catalogue to be Downloaded
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