Who are we?

Machine Safeguarding & Machinery Modular Guard Systems

Montfort International is an industrial tools and equipment wholesale distributor and manufacturer with field service. Since 1989, we have been helping our customers increase the efficiency of their operations and the quality of their products while at the same time reducing their production costs and protecting their employees.

Workplace safety is a major consideration for Montfort International which is why PRISMONT - Safety division was launched in 2009.

PRISMONT offers a very wide range of safety products designed to meet all relevant OSHA, ANSI and EU Directives concerning safety at work. Manufacturing factories, machine shops, tooling machines, automation, robotics, logistics and automatized material handling are the main fields of application for our machine guarding and modular guard systems. We provide a full design, build & installation service.

You can count on our dynamic team and highly qualified partners to advise you on safety solutions, products and services (quotes within 48 hours, advices, mounting service and many more).

Work faster, better, smarter and safer

When it comes to investing in workplace safety, the perceived negative impact on productivity is a key concern. The truth is, a safe workplace is often a more productive and profitable one! Safe working conditions often go hand in hand with ideal operational conditions. With safeguards in place, employees can focus on their work, instead of the dangers in their workplace.

Conformity and Standards

Our products are designed and manufactured to comply with all the requirements of the most important conformity and standards regulations.

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